Pit bull puppy found in garbage bag gets second chance at life

A pit bull puppy found inside a trash bag in a garbage has a new chance at life thanks to a rescuer and the Miami Valley Pit Crew.

The rescue group posted about one of its newest pups, Hefty, Thursday night.

“Why things like this continue happening in the world around us is something that we will probably never understand, but until they cease to exist, we will continue helping when we can,” the post read.

Hefty, who is only a few weeks old, was reportedly kept in a small space and cannot stand or use his legs.

“We suspect that whomever did this to him, threw him away after realizing what they had done, because it’s easier to get rid of the problem, than to fix it,” read the post.

An initial exam and X-rays did not show any signs of fractures or anything out of alignment.

Hefty also has feeling and reflexes in his legs and paws, making MVPC hopeful that he’ll be able to walk eventually.

“Hefty has a long, expensive road to recovery, but we feel his life is worth saving, and we’re going to do whatever we have to, to insure he has a good quality of life,” MVPC posted.

Vets and a pet acupuncturist have reportedly already started Hefty on his road to recovery.

As a special Christmas gift this year, the group asked that people donate to help cover Hefty's medical bills.

The group has already found a foster family for the puppy and said that he is “desperate for human contact.”

“Even being mistreated, neglected and then thrown away when they were done with him, he still loves people and wants nothing more than that connection,” MVPC posted Friday.

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