3 presidents you'll see honored around Dayton

Sculptor Michael Major of Urbana created this bronze sculpture of President Abraham Lincoln as he looked in 1859 when he spoke on the steps of Montgomery County’s Old Court House. The sculpture was unveiled Saturday at Courthouse Square in front of the historic courthouse downtown Dayton. LYNN HULSEY / STAFF

An 11-foot-tall Abraham Lincoln made of bronze now looks over Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton.

Here are some other presidents you'll find honored with a statue around Dayton:

Abraham Lincoln 

Courthouse Square, Dayton

Statues and Sculptures in the Dayton, Ohio region

The monument, created by Urbana artist Mike Major, was commissioned to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Dayton on Sept. 17, 1859. That day, Lincoln reportedly stood on a box on the curb facing the steps of the Old Courthouse and spoke to the crowd for close to two hours.

President William McKinley

Cooper Park

Statues and Sculptures in the Dayton, Ohio region

This statue, located in Cooper Park next to the Dayton Metro Library’s main branch, was dedicated to his memory Sept. 17, 1910.

McKinley was also the governor of Ohio, an Ohio representative in Congress and a soldier in the Union Army.

A plaque on the monument reads, “This monument is a tribute by the citizens of Dayton and the children of its schools.”

President John F. Kennedy

University of Dayton

Statues and Sculptures in the Dayton, Ohio region

“Kennedy’s Eternal Flame” is located outside of the Kennedy Union on the University of Dayton campus.

The full-length portrait, which is abstract at the bottom but becomes detailed at the head, is over 8 feet tall.

The original sculpture was made of cement and marble by William Joseph Thompson in 1964 and was recast in bronze by John Leon in 1998.

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