The Humane Association of Warren County has begun finding new homes for the poodles rescued last month from a reported hoarder’s home.

20 rescued poodles find new homes during Warren County adoption event

On Monday, Eli Hurley, social media manager of the shelter in Lebanon, said 20 male puppies were adopted.

The dogs originally were known as the “Lucky 111,” but shelter Director Joanne Hurley said, “It looks to be the Lucky 125,” due to births since the dogs arrived at the shelter on Sept. 23.

Sharon Wiederhold of Clarksville adopted Aries, a toothless poodle, two years after her previous dog passed away.

“I’m excited to bring him home today,” Wiederhold said.

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Joanne Hurley said females would be available at future adoption events.

“Definitely come down and see what it’s all about,” she said during her latest Facebook Live update.

The “Lucky 111” were turned over to the county humane society last month after sheriff’s deputies, a health official and animal warden found the poodles “in various stages of medical emergency” at a home on Hendrickson Road.

The homeowner has not been charged. The case has been referred to adult protective services and the health department.

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The other rescued dogs are unready for adoption, according to Eli Hurley, who is the shelter director’s son.

“They’re just not fixed or socially not ready,” he added.

Some of the remaining poodles will begin behavior modification plans in anticipation of adoption.

“Hopefully with a little bit of training and a little bit of socializing, they’ll be ready in a week or two,” he said.

WHIO-TV’s Todd Jackson contributed to this report.