Selling your home? 4 reasons why now is the time to schedule pictures

If you are planning to put your house on the market any time in the next six months, make sure you schedule the pictures for your listing as soon as possible. Winter pictures don’t make for the best photos on real estate listings, and warm, welcoming pictures show your house at its best. Here are the top four reasons why now is the time to take pictures for the winter (and spring) housing market. 

1. Green grass

Your home is always going to look better with a green lawn. Brown or dead grass can make a home look like it doesn’t receive proper care and attention. During the winter months, your lawn will look brown, no matter how much you try to keep it looking its best. Take advantage of the last few weeks of green grass, colorful plants and landscaping. 

2. Lighting

Winter months mean a lower angle of the sun and much less bright light to make your house’s colors pop. Thankfully, the beautiful autumn light can really show off the best parts of your home, both inside and out. Any photographer will tell you that taking pictures in the fall is like cheating, because the light levels and diverse colors make for the absolute best pictures. It’s hard to take a bad fall photo, so make sure you don’t let the perfect moment pass you by. 

3. Autumn’s outdoor perks

Fall’s harvest and holiday themes create a welcoming environment, and autumn is the time of the most seasonal decorations. Pumpkins and gourds by the front door, combined with friendly and welcoming wreaths, not only make your guests feel welcome, they make for very inviting real estate pictures, too. And don’t forget that taking advantage of the beautiful autumn foliage is a great way to frame your photos with vibrant colors and a comforting atmosphere. 

4. Warm and cozy interiors

The fall weather also gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase those cozy and warm colors indoors, as well. People who are shopping for homes during the winter can’t help but imagine themselves warming up by a fire or with some cozy blankets as they look through real estate listings. You’ll want to remove any fall clutter than can accumulate, of course; but the warm light coming in through the windows and the welcoming fall décor is sure to create some serious interest for those house hunting in the greyest and coldest months. 

Make sure you take advantage of the season and allow your house to beam with welcoming colors and decorations. House hunters will take notice, which is definitely what you want in the less frenetic winter market. If you are thinking about listing your home this winter, make sure to reach out to your local Coldwell Banker Heritage realtors for other great tips and strategies for making the best of the winter and early spring markets.