Sex with a raft, van and bike and other strange public sex acts

Michael William Henson has been added to a rather, um, unique list.

Police suspect the 35-year-old was high on something when he was arrested Tuesday night, for allegedly dropping trou and inserting "his genitals in the grill of a red van."

Henson passed out in a yard briefly at some point, police reports said.

As strange as the alleged behavior is, Henson is far from the only person to engage in shocking public sex with inanimate and animated objects.

People have been caught in public having sex with everything from pasta sauce jars to park benches. The pasta sauce guy was driving and the park bench one had to be cut free.

Here are four we can't forget if we tried.

Sex with rafts



Defense attorney Ramona Daniels and Edwin Charles Tobergta in court. Archive photo by Nick Daggy

Edwin Tobergta's love affair with rubber rafts landed in the slammer for public indecency in 2011, 2013 and 2014, court records say.

The Hamilton man was arrested in 2014 after a passerby observed him nude having simulated sex with a pink life raft, according to the Journal-News.

He was sentenced to a year in prison in 2013 for stepping out his back door naked and having "sexual relations" with a rubber pool float.

Tobergta was accused of having sex with a neighbor's pink inflatable swimming pool raft in 2011.

In 2002, he allegedly had sex with an inflatable Halloween decoration in a lady's yard.

Sex with a couch
Gerard Streator avoided jail time in 2013 after being caught by an off-duty cop in having sex outside with an abandoned yellow couch on the curb, according to the Waukesha Patch in Wisconsin.

Sex with a bike



The man in this photo was sought in Sweden for having sex with a bike.

In 2013, police in Östersund, Sweden hunted for a man filmed having sex with a bike, according to the New York Daily News. The bike's owner set up a camera to catch the person puncturing his tires.

A hooded man punctured the tires and can be seen in the footage posted to performing a sex act as the tire deflates.

“I am not scared of him, but mostly irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix,” Per Edström told Local newspaper.

Police are tried to determine if the case was related to one from 2007, in which a 35-year-old was arrested on allegations he slashed the tires of 20 bikes and ejaculated on the seats.

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