Here’s a guide to 5 of the coolest gadgets that can transform your house (or your friend’s) into a smart home.

5 smart home gifts for the season

Amazon Echo (Image provided by Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors)

Smartphones and computers used to be the only things that could connect to the internet, but now there are so many more compatible devices that we can’t even fathom. The technological world is progressing so rapidly that we are provided with these amazing devices to help make our lives just a little less hectic. This holiday season turn your house (or your friend’s) into a “smart home” with these tech-savvy gifts:

1. Amazon Echo - This amazing device can link to several other devices that you can control through the Amazon Echo, or Alexa. It has voice recognition and can hear you from across the room even while music is playing. She can answer questions, order items, and control lights, switches, and other smart home devices. 

Nest Thermostat (Image provided by Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors)

2. Nest Thermostat - This device can connect with Alexa, phone, tablet, or laptop. It learns what temperatures you prefer, and it programs itself in about a week. The Nest will automatically shut off when no one is home to save you energy, and it will show a leaf when you are at an energy-saving temperature. 

3. Nest Protect - The Nest Protect is a smoke and carbon dioxide alarm that can test itself automatically and last up to a decade. It will notify you about which room an issue is coming from, and whether it is smoke or just burnt toast. You can receive alerts on your phone and actually have the ability to silence the alarm from your phone. 

Nest Cam (Image provided by Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors)

4. Nest Cam – Available in both indoor and outdoor models, the Nest Cam detects activity quickly, and it will send a snap shot of the activity to your phone through the app. There is also a built-in microphone and speaker, so if you see UPS with a package for you, you can actually let them know to leave it at your door. It is easy to install, and it provides you with 24/7 live video with its 1080p HD and wide angles. 

5. August Smart Lock - The August Smart Lock connects through the app on your smartphone, and it lets you control everything from there. You can create virtual keys for friends, and keep track of who is coming and who is going. The lock provides you with peace of mind, and it will automatically unlock when you approach and lock as soon as you turn away. 

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