Obtaining smart home technology is easier and less expensive than it used to be, making the demand for it even higher.

Smart home technology is changing the market in a big and efficient way

Smart home technology is all anyone can talk about in the real estate market these days. People are able to connect to their new homes in amazing new ways, and this connectivity is making a big splash in a market that now features more millennial home-buyers than ever before. Millennials, after all, make up the largest share of recent home-buyers, and nearly two-thirds of them are saying that they are looking for smart home technology for a safer and more connected home.

So what does this new trend look like? Smart home technology is now letting buyers connect through smart phones or other connected devices to appliances, lighting, heating, and air conditioning systems in addition to the televisions, computers, entertainment, and security systems that we have seen move toward smart technology in the past few years. You will be blown away by what these smarter, more efficient homes can do these days!

The important thing to note here is that these features are becoming the new normal in houses. Nearly 60 percent of surveyed Coldwell Banker sales associates say they are seeing smart home features pop up in listings in ways they haven’t seen in the past few years. These smart homes are selling faster, too, as more and more buyers want to be able to use their smart phone or tablet to control their home technology with the touch of a finger.

These technologies aren’t just for the super-rich anymore, either. Getting these smart technologies into your home is easier and less expensive than ever before; and the demand for smart, connected homes is growing at such a rate that installing these devices is a smart move for the value of your home, too. The survey of Coldwell Banker sales associates shows that smart security is the most in-demand, followed by smart temperature control, smart safety features, smart lighting, and smart entertainment. A significant portion also agreed that smart appliances are being sought out in homes, too.

In the end, almost half of consumers say that smart technology is an important feature in either their current home or for their next home purchase. Thankfully, Coldwell Banker agents are the best at keeping their finger on the pulse of the real estate market. They are showing a commitment to educating homebuyers and sellers about smart technologies and what they can do for a home’s value. To talk to a Coldwell Banker agent today, click over to their website at ColdwellBankerDayton.com/agents.