Solar Eclipse 2017: Check out these Boonshoft Museum activities

The 2017 Great American Eclipse is upcoming, and the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery has planned activities for all ages to prepare for and enjoy this solar show.

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“We have a number of hands-on activities for all ages inside the building, and then we’ll have viewing activities outside the building,” said Jason Heaton, of the Boonshoft Museum. “In the case that it’s not clear that day, we’ll have web cams from around the country watching the eclipse that way, too.”

The museum also has special eclipse glasses that allow for safe viewing.

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Here's a look at the activities the museum planned around the eclipse:

» Daily showings — "The Great American Eclipse of 2017" — This is a custom planetarium show created by the Boonshoft Museum staff. The show will help prepare individuals with knowledge about the eclipse. For daily programming times, see this calendar.

» Friday, August 18 — Evening of Astronomy: The Solar Eclipse — This event will help spectators prepare for the eclipse. Learn why eclipses occur, what to expect and how to safely view it. If weather allows, live observing will be held at the Apollo Observatory. Admission is free. 7-8 p.m.

» Saturday, August 19 — Super Science Saturday: The Solar Eclipse — This is a free day at the museum offering the chance to learn about the eclipse and get ready for the event.

» Monday, August 21 — Watch the Eclipse With Us — Watch the solar eclipse at the Boonshoft Museum. Programs are based on weather and availability, though the museum has activities planned regardless of whether the eclipse is blocked by clouds.

Dubbed “The Great American Eclipse,” the celestial event will be visible in Dayton starting at 1:02 p.m. and will reach its maximum coverage, nearly 90 percent, at 2:28 p.m.

For more local information about the eclipse, watch WHIO Reports with Jim Otte at 11:30 a.m., Sunday, August 13, on Channel 7.

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