How Springfield woman fared when she competed on Price is Right

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Ellen Weidauer of Springfield appeared on The Price Is Right Friday. She taped the show during a recent trip to California.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Springfield resident Ellen Weidauer appeared on the popular daytime television game show, The Price is Right on Friday.

She taped the show during a recent trip to California.

Weidauer made it to the stage after making a winning bid on a smart TV with a media console. She was closest to the actual retail price of the $2,291 TV with a bid of $1,801.

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Once on the the stage, she was presented with the game, “Swap Meet,” in which she had to match the price of a given product with one of three other products If she guessed correctly, she would win all four products.

Host Drew Carey presented Weidauer with an upscale Pentax camera. He then showed her a treadmill, a desktop computer with printer and a five-burner gas stove.

Weidauer guessed the treadmill would match the price of the $1,410 camera. Wrong. The treadmill’s price was $2,699. The correct match was the computer and printer.

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Weidauer was offered a final spin for a chance to be on the Showcase Showdown. Although her .85 cents spin was beaten by a $1.00 spin, she did give a final “shout-out” to her two daughters, Vanessa and Jennifer, her granddaughter, Dillon and her mom and brother.

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