4 springtime hacks for a great summer lawn

It’s finally spring again, and you want to start preparing now for your perfect summer lawn. To get your lawn started on the right track, here are four of the best tips on what you can do right now to ensure a lush and weed-free lawn this summer.

  1. Make sure your timing is right: The weather is just now warming up, so make sure that you aren’t diving right in on heavy yard work. You can do damage to your lawn if you start in too heavy, too fast. Make sure you wait until your soil is thawed and dried out. Give your grass a chance to sprout and turn green before you start in with a lawn mower. You should do some light raking to remove dead grass and debris, however. Wait until late spring/early summer to water your lawn.
  2. Keep the weeds at bay: Another great way to help your lawn while it’s still spring is to get the weeds under control. If you don’t do any weed prevention in the spring, you’ll end up spending all summer wishing you had. Around Easter is the right time to lay your “pre-emergent” crabgrass control. These herbicides work for about three months, so another round will be in order in mid-July. 
  3. Test your soil: This is one you may not have thought about, but testing your soil can make a world of difference in knowing how to best take care of your lawn. There are products to test your soil at most home improvement stores. Then you’ll need to raise or lower pH levels in order to get a good balance.
  4. Seed, plant, and fertilize: If you need to seed some spots in your lawn, make sure you don’t use the pre-emergent herbicide in those areas. Instead, put down some grass seed where you need it. Remember, if you are seeding in the spring, you’ll need to take very good care to water and weed your new grass (you might have to reapply in the fall). Fertilizing can give your grass the stamina it needs to stay healthy during a hot and dry summer. Fertilizing needs will change depending on whether you have warm or cool-season grass, though, so make sure you know what to look for. 

Whether you are jump-starting a lawn you prepared in the fall or using the spring months to start fresh, always remember that maintaining a perfect lawn takes consistency and some patience. If you’re still on the lookout for that perfect yard, contact Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors to assist in the search for your new home.

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