‘The worst nightmare,’ Brooke Skylar Richardson’s parents 1st televised interview aired on WHIO-TV tonight

The first televised interview with the parents of Brooke Skylar Richardson was broadcast on “48 Hours,” at 10 p.m. Saturday on WHIO-TV.

“48 Hours” reporter Erin Moriarty explored Richardson’s life, the potential effect an eating disorder had on her decisions, why she hid her pregnancy, and an offer the prosecutors made to her defense team before trial that could have changed everything, according to CBS News.


In the show, Richardson’s parents detailed the effect of the case on their family, on their daughter and more.

Richardson’s mother, Kim, described the last two years as, “The worst nightmare. Purgatory every day.”

She told Moriarty, “Our lives have been completely turned upside down.

“We’re followed, stalked, harassed,” Kim added. “Facebook, to me, turned into Hatebook.”

Richardson’s father Scott told Moriarty, “There’s no way she would ever hurt anyone.”


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Her mother echoed that thought.

“There’s no way. I would stake my life on it,” Kim said.

Kim told Moriarty about the shock of learning her daughter had been pregnant and secretly given birth.

“I couldn’t feel my body. I could not get up,” Kim said. “How could that happen? I’ve seen her every day. I look at her. I talk to her. I hug her.”

Scott Richardson said he regrets letting his daughter talk to police without an attorney.

“That was the biggest mistake I’ve made in my entire life,” he said.

Richardson’s parents opened up about their daughter, the lasting affect of the incredible attention the case generated, and they addressed her eating disorder and the effect that may have had on how she hid the pregnancy, CBS News said in a release about the upcoming episode.


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