This ice cream-filled donut is all you need

Although the origin is often disagreed upon, one thing is clear. Someone, somewhere, decided to take ice cream to the next level. 

Ice cream, pressed between two (usually chocolate) moist wafers of sugar, created one of the world’s most timeless desserts: the ice cream sandwich.

Here are some of our Dayton favorites:

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1.) Jim’s Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich at Ducky’s Snowballs & Ice Cream 
100 W Market St, Troy

2.) Chip “Wheelies” at Graeter’s Ice Cream | Find Locations 

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3.) Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches at Cold Stone Creamery | Find Locations 

At Cold Stone Creamery 45 different treats, such as candy and fruits, can be mixed into ice cream. The concoctions are mixed on an ice cold granite counter.
Photo: Lisa Powell

Know of any ice cream sandwiches we missed? Email with details and we’ll add it.