This stinky backyard ‘beast’ is on the rise in the Dayton area


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This stinky backyard ‘beast’ is on the rise in the Dayton area

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Photo via Miami Valley Wildlife Control

In the very unlikely chance that you’re reading this while soaking in a tomato paste home remedy for skunk stench, you’ve fallen for one of the oldest wise tales in the books. 

We asked one of Dayton’s top skunk experts, Jeff Krznarich, owner of Miami Valley Wildlife Control, and he confirmed— “all it does is turn your dog red for no good reason.”

There's a more likely chance, however, that you have had an unpleasant encounter this summer with squirrel’s stinkier cousin, as skunk “problems” in the Dayton-area have almost doubled every year for the past ten years, Krznarich said. 

Photo via Miami Valley Wildlife Control

Well-manicured lawns, raised patio decks and buildings established closer and closer together are all indicators for a skunk that they might’ve found a perfect refuge for their family. 

An urbanized, pungent critter, it’s next to impossible for teams like Krznarich’s to keep the skunk’s population under control. 

“They have no natural predators— just an automobile and an occasional dog,” Krznarich said.

Possums cling to their mother. Photo via Miami Valley Wildlife Control

Personally preferring to handle skunk issues versus taking on more aggressive raccoons, possums and groundhogs, Krznarich has paid, or should we say— sprayed— the price more than a few times. One particular chase that went down in a Dayton cemetery ended with Krznarich sustaining seven direct hits from a furry family.
“The skunk will let you know what you can do with him,” Krznarich said. “When they start stomping their feet, you just stop and talk to them real nice and just keep talking them down.” 

So as the skunk population continues to multiply in Dayton, businesses like Miami Valley Wildlife Control keep busy fighting the stink. And while there is no surefire way, here are a few tips on keeping your yard skunk-free:

1. Add light. Adding motion sensing lights to your property will be a big stay-away for skunks, they detest light.

2. No exposed trash. This is an obvious one. Skunks will absolutely find any way they can to get their paws on some thrown away pizza rolls. (We’re talking from experience.)

3. Sprinklers. If you’re having issues, a motion sensing sprinkler placed in the problem zone will definitely encourage the next skunk to think twice.

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