Trotwood looks forward to amphitheater, former mall site cleanup

City officials want to add an amphitheater this year to one of its parks, just one of the projects that Trotwood officials included in a top five list they see for 2019.

Here are the year’s expected top five projects, according to the city:

In-depth study

First, there will be work on a two- to five-year strategic plan. The plan is designed to look at external and internal components of the city.

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The process will include an in-depth look into the current condition of the city, which will then help develop a plan on what the future objectives and goals for the city should be, stated City Manager Quincy Pope.

The city asked for proposals from businesses to help with the plan and have narrowed the search to four candidates that will present in front of the city council in February.

Sewer upgrade

Second, the city will complete the Wolf Creek Sewer Line upgrade that is estimated to cost about $700,000. It is part of the city’s capital improvement plan and will improve service to residents, officials said.

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Amphitheater addition

Third, a new amphitheater in John Wolf Park will be added this year. The city could not offer cost estimates yet. The design and location within the park are still being determined.

City roads

Fourth, the city will have more street resurfacing in 2019. They look to spend about $400,000 on the project.

Former mall site

Fifth, the city demolished the old Salem Mall in the early 2000s, and a large debris field was left.

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The city applied for and last year was awarded a $200,000 grant from the Montgomery Community Development Block Grant dollars to clean up the site, preparing it for potential future projects.

The city anticipates the cleanup to begin in January. The old Sears store still stands in that area.

Visit the city's website for more updates on projects and goals for 2019, or contact Pope at 937-837-7771.

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