Warped Wing, Huffy have created a beer delivery bike

We've all seen beer delivered by trucks, but one Dayton brewery has created a three-wheeled man-powered vehicle for that process.

Warped Wing Brewing Co. announced last week that it's collaborating with Centerville-based Huffy Corporation to create a foot-powered bike that will deliver beer in and around downtown Dayton, and you can see it for yourself today at an unveiling party at 5 p.m. at the brewery, 25 Wyandot St.  

"The Radler," hand-built by Huffy, celebrates the German roots of both bicycles and beer. Nick Bowman, Warped Wing's vice president of sales and marketing, told Dayton.com that like many great ideas, the bike was born out of a random beer-fueled conversation at Lucky's Taproom.

"Beer and bicycling and active lifestyles go hand in hand, and so we thought it would be cool if we could team up on a project and do a beer-bike-type thing," he said. Six months go by, and they reconnected to talk ideas, settling upon the concept of a beer delivery bike.

"Our location in downtown Dayton and the Oregon District meant that we would be able to utilize a vehicle of that nature," Bowman continued. Then the idea of the beer came in, and settled on the German summer-style lager made with organic grapefruit juice. That limited run Radler beer also will debut today at the Radler Release Party.

The foot-powered “Radler” — German for “cyclist” — will deliver Warped Wing in cans and kegs to bars and restaurants around downtown, including the Oregon District, but Waizmann said it will be used more often for promotional uses, not on a regular basis. But what will certainly be used in heavy rotation is a custom-made bike rack, created by local welder Roland Tipton.

"We finally listened to the people, and we'll have a bike rack out front," Bowman said. "You'll see when you see it how it had to be conceptualized, and it just so happened that the timing worked out perfectly."

You've definitely seen the design before. Warped Wing revealed the rack on Facebook earlier today, a giant Ermal's Belgian Style Cream Ale can with retractable claws to allow you to attach your bike. 

"It's innovative," Bowman said. "I've never seen another like it."

Dayton native welder Tipton's work is seen all over the Miami Valley at South Park Tavern, the Dublin Pub's expansion and Basil's On Market in Troy. 

For more information on Warped Wing, check out their website here. RSVP to the Radler Release Party here.