Design of Warped Wing's newest beer, Trotwood Lager. This brew's inspiration was drawn from the former Trotwood Trailers, which was once located on North Broadway.

Warped Wing to introduce new beer inspired by Trotwood

Warped Wing has some beer news, just in time for summer.

The new beer, called Trotwood Lager, has a unique, local story of inspiration behind it.

So what's the story behind it?
Trotwood Trailers began offering assembly line travel trailers to the public in earnest in 1930 until a fire destroyed Trotwood’s legacy business in 1981. Thousands of campers and travel trailers were built on North Broadway, Trotwood, Ohio, for delivery across the country. Trotwood Trailers were respected for their innovative features and high quality construction. Many still survive today.

Warped Wing teamed up with The RV Clinic in Franklin, Ohio to search the Midwest for a Trotwood Trailer to renovate. Eventually, they found a 1957 model, which is being reconditioned  into a mobile event trailer. To celebrate their find, they designed a beer that would live up to the retro era trailer.

Trotwood Lager will be released in cans and on tap just before Memorial Day weekend to help kick off summer and camping season. The trailer will travel as an iconic piece of history on wheels and be showcased at events, serving cold, refreshing craft beer throughout the Summer.

“Join us as we take you back to a time when things were simpler,” said Nick Bowman, head of Sales & Marketing, in a press release. “These trailers were people’s vacations. They would load up their families and friends and get lost for a couple weeks. We’ve created a beer to celebrate those traditions”

The description of Trotwood Lager reads:
Fireflies flash. Crickets hum. And the campfire, around which you and your companion sit, crackles and smokes. You watch the plumes, as they slip through the arms of old-growth trees, and vanish into an expanse of ancient stars. Perfectly timed, you reach into the cooler, and grab not one can, but two. You look deep into the flames, and smile. As the best stories always do, yours begins. “Remember that time when.” Trotwood Lager. A crisp, cold-fermented beer. Best enjoyed in the middle of nowhere with family and friends. 4% ABV

Warped Wing will kick off the beer and camper release with an “urban campout” from 1-8 p.m. on May 21 at the brewery, located at 26 Wyandot St., Dayton. The party will feature the newly reconditioned trailer, Trotwood Lager, food and live music.  The “urban campout” event will be held in coordination with Five Rivers Youth Rugby Foundation, Dayton Blues Society and The RV Clinic. 

Want to go?
WHAT: Urban Campout & Release of Trotwood Lager
WHEN: 1-8 p.m. May 21, 2016
WHERE: Warped Wing Brewing Company, 26 Wyandot St., Dayton
COST: Free
INFO: (937) 222-7003 |