‘What Had Happened Was’ Podcast, Episode 3: All funked up with Ohio Players’ Diamond Williams 

Screaming “fire” in a crowded room and getting people to dance instead of run -- that’s funk for you.

Amelia Robinson, host of the new “What Had Happened Was” podcast, sat down with James “Diamond” Williams of the Ohio Players right here in the Land of Funk.  

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More than 40 years after the Players struck it big, their long list of hits — “Skin Tight” “Fire,” “Love Rollercoaster” included — still make people move. 

With Diamond -- one of Rolling Stone magazine’s top drummers of all time -- at the helm, the Players are working on a new album. Last year, they released the single “Reset.”

The Ohio Players are lead by "James "Diamond" Williams. Founded in Dayton, the band is working on a new album.

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Diamond does not hold back during his chat on the podcast. He shares his thoughts on everything from fast cars and sexy women on album covers to why the Players aren’t in the Rock Hall of Fame (yet) and why Dayton (the Land of Funk) doesn’t have an Ohio Players Way (yet). 

Strap in. The ride is about to get funky. 

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About the podcast:

“What Had Happened Was” is a podcast for Dayton, powered by You won't believe the stories that come from right here. Host Amelia Robinson shares the best tales from the Gem City, Land of Funk and Birthplace of Aviation: Dayton, Ohio.

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James Diamond Williams, born and raised in Dayton, joined the Ohio Players in 1972 and remained with them while they churned out many top 40 hits. CONTRIBUTED (Contributing Writer)
The Ohio Players are lead by "James "Diamond" Williams. Founded in Dayton, the band is working on a new album. (Hand-out/Ohio Players)
There is so much to love about Montgomery County: The Ohio Players were the trailblazers of a virtual Rhythm & Blues empire with its roots in Dayton. This band popularized a specific genre of R&B music known as Street Funk. They were the first American band from the Dayton area to go gold with an album earning over $1 million and the first to go platinum with an album selling a million copies. They have been called the premiere R&B band in the nation during the 1970s, popularizing a distinctive Midwestern sound and reaching an international following with European and Japanese tours. The Ohio Players music continues to energize artists of subsequent generations, and many young hip-hop musicians cite the influence of their sound. (HANDOUT)

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