90-year-old makes 200th blood donation despite coronavirus warnings


A 90-year-old man from Beavercreek risked leaving his home amid stay-at-home orders to travel to the Community Blood Center early Wednesday and achieve a milestone – his 200th lifetime blood donation.

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John Teevan told the Community Blood Center that he tries to follow rules and regulations, including the stay-at-home order, but when asked why he risked going out, he said, “This is 200 times! It’s nice, with everything that’s going on, if it all helps out.”

The CBC said that Teevan’s daughter, Lee Teevan, also tried to talk him out of the donation, but relented with a few conditions: that the donation be early in the morning to avoid other donors, and that he wear a protective mask.

John Teevan with daughter Lee Teevan
John Teevan with daughter Lee Teevan

Lee accompanied her father to the donation and waited in the car.

John regularly donates at Peace Lutheran Church blood drives, and showed similar resolve to donate last September, making his 198th donation days after losing his wife, Alice.

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At the time, he said, “She was attractive, and her personality was even better. Tomorrow’s the funeral. She donated 18 gallons of blood! I’m going to pass through this world, and I’m going to do a little bit of good while I pass through.”