Mystery donor drops $1.8K coin in Springfield Salvation Army kettle

The gold coin phantom has struck again for the sixth year in a row in Springfield by secretly dropping a gold coin worth over $1,800 into one of the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle donation buckets.

The anonymous donor dropped the gold South African Krugerrand, wrapped in a $50 bill, into the Red Kettle donation bucket, located at the Kroger on Bechtle Ave., on Thursday, according to a Salvation Army official.

“This gold coin is definitely an investment in the work we are doing in the community,” Ryan Ray, development director of the Springfield Salvation Army said. “It has never been more needed than it is this year.”

The Springfield Salvation Army has seen a 282 percent increase in need of assistance with social services including utilities, rent, shelter and food compared to last year from March through October, Jamie Scanlon, social ministries director of the Springfield Salvation Army said.

The gold coin and other donations from the Red Kettle Campaign will assist with those services, Ray said.

“It’s something we certainly get excited about each year. We were definitely kind of unsure if it would happen this year with everything going on (surrounding the coronavirus pandemic),” Ray said.

He said the gold coin not only inspires others to donate in creative ways, but inspires the Salvation Army to continue doing what they are doing for the community.

“We always want to do more, but you certainty have limits,” Ray said. “People like the gold coin phantom are helping us to do a little more and keep going.”

The Salvation Army has no desire to discover the identity of the anonymous donor because the fact that the donor remains anonymous in exciting, Ray said.

He said that he wants the donor to know that the Salvation Army is grateful for their continuous support.

“Thank you for creating a ripple effect with your gold coin, your way of giving and your message,” Ray said.

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