Nanny cam catches floor contractor going through woman's underwear drawer

A California woman was horrified to discover a man she hired to install flooring at her home was looking through her underwear drawer, KNSD reported.

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Ashley Harrell of San Marcos caught the contractor as she viewed footage on her phone from the nanny camera installed in her home, the television station reported.

Harrell and her husband hired Abraham Avila and his brother to install new flooring in the downstairs area of their home. The workers were given explicit instructions not to go upstairs, Harrell told KNSD, but the nanny cam showed a man the San Diego Sheriff's Department identified as Avila searching her master bedroom.

"It was an immediate understanding that my worst fears had been realized," Harrell told KNSD.

According to Harrell, Avila started going through her dresser drawer.

"Then he opens the second drawer, happens to rifle through things, which unfortunately is my undergarments," Harrell told KNSD. "Then proceeds to pick up my perfume, smell it, put it down. That was creepy, to say the least."

Avila returned to the room later during the floor installation and went through Harrell’s nightstand, she told the television station.

“(He) makes his way around the room sweeping, sweeping, sweeping, starts going through these drawers one by one,” she said.

Harrell called 911. Deputies arrested Avila and charged him with burglary and petty theft, KNSD reported. The company that hired Avila covered the cost of her installation, Harrell said.

"If I didn't have the video, I wouldn't have known he was here," Harrell told KNSD.

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