'I'm about to kill all of you': Substitute teacher threatens 9th-graders

Tanikka Hough got a strange text from her son Tuesday while he was in school in Richmond County, North Carolina.

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"The teacher threatened us she said she was going to kill us," the son texted his mother. “She (the teacher) just told the class that she was going kill us, she’s a (substitute teacher.)”

The son told his mother the teacher was mad at the class because they were talking.

The son’s text message to his mother said, “I'm tired of this (expletive,) and she said ya’ll (sic) real teacher will be back before next month, thank God, because I'm about to kill all of you.”

The teacher said she didn't care who the students told about what she said, including the police.

Hough and her aunt went to the Richmond County Ninth Grade Academy in Hamlet, where they said they were told other concerned parents had been calling and the situation was being handled.

"We were told that she admitted that she lost it. She did lose control," Hough said.

The Richmond County School District confirmed the incident was reported to a school resource officer.

Officials said it "was just a poor choice of words used by a substitute, who will no longer be allowed to sub for our district."

The district also said the SRO contacted the district attorney about it and the DA felt that there were no grounds to move ahead with charges.

The Hough family said that's not good enough.

"What if you reversed it around? What if it was a kid telling everyone in the classroom that?" Hough's aunt, Linda Hough, said. "The kid would've been arrested and put out of the school system. So, when you have an educator doing this, what are we going to do about that?"

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