Airline computer systems go down across country, cause long lines

Computer systems at airports across the country were down briefly Tuesday, causing headaches and delays for travelers, multiple media outlets reported.

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Travelers at airports from Boston, to Seattle, to Washington, D.C. said they could not check in, land or take off.

And it isn’t just one airline that is having trouble. Passengers on JetBlue, WestJet and Alaska Airlines all reported having issues this morning.

Sabre Airline Solutions, the company used by multiple airlines to make reservations, print tags for luggage and to check in passengers, ad a system issue, The Washington Post reported.

But American Airlines said via Twitter that Sabre the issue was resolved.


A spokesperson at SeaTac said the system is up there and airport operations are returning to normal.

Sabre confirmed the glitch and said recovery is in progress.


Passengers had to wait until the system came back online. Some reported they had to wait more than two hours in long lines, the Post reported.

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