Animal Control officers rescue hissing American badger found in tight spot

Animal control officers weren't sure what they were dealing with at first when they responded to a call Saturday of an animal stuck between two buildings.

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Palo Alto Animal Control located the animal in the downtown area and discovered that it was an American badger. While the animal did not appear to be stuck, he was in a tight area and needed to be relocated, KTVU reported.

The badger was not happy about his circumstances and hissed at rescuers, as the video recorded by Palo Alto Animal Control shows. The rescue took more than an hour as the animal was gingerly coaxed from the crevice by an officer using a long pole. 

The badger did not appear to be injured or ill, so he was relocated to a more appropriate wooded area. At first he did not want to leave the crate that he was in, but with a bit of encouragement, he took off. 

Palo Alto Animal Control said American badgers do populate the area, but they aren't often seen by the public.

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