Anti-gay sign outside church in Maine criticized

A Baptist church in Maine is receiving some criticism over an anti-gay message posted on the congregation's marquee.

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The sign outside the Second Baptist Church in Palmero reads, "Jesus made Adam and Eve, not Adam & Steve," WCSH reported.

Stan York, a longtime Palermo resident, wrote in a Facebook post he was "said to see this sign."

"I just felt so sad that a 9-year-old old needs to be told that there are people out there who aren't accepting of his grandparents," York told WCSH. "And his big question is 'why,' and that's something I couldn't answer. Hopefully the kids out there will see that this is just not right and the sign should be changed."

Other residents in Palermo have expressed the same sentiments as York.

"God created Adam and Eve, and Steve and Jimmy and Kimmy and Lola and Linda," Leslie Dyer told the television station. "God created everybody. Not just Adam and Eve to be Adam and Eve. We're all here to be happy. We all want to live our best lives. Our happiest lives. And if you find that one person that makes you happy, why shouldn't you be able to be with them?"

Attempts to reach the pastor of the Second Baptist Church for comment have been unsuccessful, WCSH reported.

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