Bear caught on video stealing dumpster from Colorado pot dispensary

Credit: skeeze/Pixabay

Credit: skeeze/Pixabay

A bear that may have had a case of the munchies was caught on surveillance video stealing a dumpster from a Colorado marijuana dispensary.

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An employee of The Bud Depot in the Boulder suburb of Lyons couldn't find the store's dumpster Friday morning, owner Tim Crouthers told KCNC-TV. Crouthers checked security camera footage from the previous night, and was amused by what he saw.

Around 11 p.m. Thursday, a black bear was caught on video entering the area seemingly looking for food. The bear appeared to look around to check if the coast was clear, then approached the dumpster.

The video shows that the bear stood on its hind legs and tried to open the dumpster, which had a bear-proof lock on it. When it couldn't, it rolled the dumpster away through a small opening in a nearby gate.

“A little bit of shock. Laughs, lots of laughter. The video is hilarious,” Crouthers told KCNC-TV of his reaction to the video.

The video shows that the bear tried for another two hours to open the bin before giving up. Crouthers found the dumpster about 50 yards away from the store in an adjoining parking lot.

The dumpster only contained boxes, Bud Depot manager Nikko Garza told KDVR-TV. He joked that the bear may have been looking for cannabis.

“He’s all into the Rocky Mountain high and I don’t blame him. He knows the good stuff when he sees it, or smells it,” Garza said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Northeast Region tweeted the video, adding, "No reward for this bear."

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