Body of woman who disappeared while ‘dumpster diving’ found in landfall

The body of a woman who went missing while “dumpster diving” has been found in a landfill.

The remains of Stephanie Cox were found Monday, NBC News reported.

Police said she was last seen the night of Jan. 30. That same day police in Burlington were told of an unattended vehicle in a shopping center. The car was owned by Cox, NBC News reported.

She had been seen on surveillance video shopping at a discount store near the location where her car was found.

Investigators believe she went into a dumpster and never got out. A garbage truck emptied the container an hour after police think she climbed in, WFMY reported.

Police tracked the truck that emptied the dumpster to a landfill 80 miles north of the shopping center and started searching through the dump on Feb. 4. Their search was delayed two days later because of the weather. They resumed the search on Monday and found her remains, NBC News reported.

An autopsy has been scheduled to see how she died, but police want to remind people that it is not safe to “dumpster dive.”

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