‘Brady Bunch’ house for sale

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a sister or a brother to Greg, Marsha, Jan, Peter, Bobby and Cindy, you can now partially live that dream.

The iconic house that served as the exterior shot for the introduction to the “Brady Bunch” television show is for sale in all of its 1970s glory.

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The home, at 11222 Dilling St., Studio City, California is currently listed for $1.85 million, Deadline reported.

The home, which sits on a third of an acre of land, offers two bedrooms, three bathrooms and two master suites. The home was bought by the current owners way back in 1973, and this is the first time it has been offered for sale since, according to Deadline.

The McCallisters, who owned the home for four decades passed away. Their children are now selling the property, The Los Angeles Times reported.

The real estate agent listing the property says that while the home has been updated and upgraded, it has the same interior decor from the '70s, the LA Times reported.

But some may be disappointed to learn that the layout isn’t the same as what was seen on the show.

The house is in danger of going the way of shag carpeting and egg chairs.

The neighborhood it is in has been popular for tearing buildings down for new developments, the LA Times reported.

But the owners will give first priority to those who want to keep the house and preserve it, instead of knocking it down, the LA Times reported.

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