Bride temporarily blinded by poisonous bouquet gets wedding re-do

Bride Christine Jo Miller was getting ready for her Sept. 2, 2017, wedding when she noticed a rash on her skin.

Days before, she picked green and white wildflowers to add to her bouquet that turned out to be Euphorbia marginata, or snow-on-the-mountain, a poisonous flower.

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"It all went downhill from there," Miller, 23, told Women's Health. "I had walked out of the bathroom and my sister said my face was red and bumpy," she said. "It started going down my neck and arms."

Miller said her rash continued to get worse and she lost her eyesight. She went to the hospital right after and got a shot and eye drops. Miller said hospital staff told her how fortunate she was to not have permanent eye damage.

Miller and her husband, Jon, stopped by Target on the way to their reception to get more comfortable clothes.

"He got me pajamas that said 'Bride' on it," Miller told People. "He asked if he should change too and I said no. He made me as comfortable as possible."

The newlyweds cut cake, had their first dance and by the end of the night, Miller fell asleep in their hotel room and her husband ordered pizza.

People reported that TV host Steve Harvey heard about their story and brought them on his talk show to surprise them with a a week-long Disney Dream Wedding re-do.

“I had just never heard of a wedding where the bride had to be rushed to the emergency room for having an allergic reaction to her bouquet and having so many bad things happen on their wedding day,” Harvey told People. “I really felt like they deserved another opportunity to celebrate and what better place to make it happen than Disney.”

Christine Jo Miller got a new wedding gown and was able to say "I do" with clear vision. She and Jon Miller will honeymoon at Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii, and on top of the dream wedding, they are expecting a baby in September.

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