Can't have it your way: Florida woman, 80, fights off car thief at Burger King, police say

A woman was arrested Thursday after police said she attempted to carjack an 80-year-woman in a fast-food restaurant parking lot.

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The victim, who asked not to be identified, said she had just stepped out of her car at the Burger King in Sanford to go buy a breakfast sandwich when a woman approached her.

"I noticed this lady walking up towards me pretty fast. I thought it was just a panhandler and she just kept coming right up to me, and she said, ‘Give me your keys or I'll shoot you,’” she said.

But the victim didn't see a gun or anything in her hands. She said the woman, Michelle Shockley, tried to grab her keys.

"She kept grabbing me and kept trying to get my keys and I refused to give her my keys, and then finally she tripped me and knocked me over," the victim said.

Police said someone inside the Burger King saw the commotion in the parking lot and went outside to help.

That's when Shockley got up and took off across the street to a 7-Eleven, police said. The manager of the Burger King followed Shockley.

“She is the one who deserves the medal of honor here, believe me,” the victim said. "She told me later that she ran across the street after the lady and tackled her and held her there until the police got there."

The victim said she was not injured, not even a scratch. 
Shockley was arrested and is in jail on $28,000 bond.

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