Car can’t move over to avoid parked cruiser, nearly rips door from police car

Most states have a "move over Law" on the books that requires drivers to move a lane away from first responders who are parked along a road.

But one driver in Las Vegas crashed into the car of a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper who was conducting a traffic stop because she couldn't move over, KSNV reported.

The collision happened on U.S. Route 95 and nearly ripped the driver’s side door off the cruiser.

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The state trooper was not hurt, but was opening the door of the car at the time of impact.

The driver did not stop at the crash but was caught the day afterward thanks to an anonymous tip, KVVU reported.

Nevada Highway Patrol cited the woman for driving without a valid license, hit-and-run property damage and failure to stop at a scene and render aid, KVVU reported.

She was not cited for not changing lanes, because body camera footage shows her attempting to move over, and she was not able to switch lanes. Highway Patrol officials also said that she slowed down before the crash, KVVU reported.

Trooper Jason Buratczuk says that the law was adopted because the most dangerous part of the job is being on the highway.

“Statistically we’re killed more with vehicles and not by suspects.”

Nevada's law requires drivers to slow down and move to the far lane when passing an official emergency response vehicle. The law was changed in October 2017 to include any motorist on the side of a road, KVVU reported.

Credit: NHP Southern Command/Twitter

Credit: NHP Southern Command/Twitter

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