Cheating boyfriend caught after complaining on Instagram

This was one whopper of a relationship mistake.

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Jordan von Smith took to social media to complain about the service at a Burger King drive-thru, The Sun reported. Von Smith posted on Instagram that it took "his girl" 20 minutes to be served, but admitted that the Whoppers were "worth it."

Well, maybe not, after von Smith's actual girlfriend read the post and became incensed.

Shannon Boyd, posting as shanlee_rose, asked pointedly, “Umm excuse me @jordan_vonsmith86??? I don’t recall going last night or ever liking Burger King, who are you talking about?”

She then demanded that von Smith answer his phone.

Von Smith wrote back that his girlfriend needed to “chill out.”

“I was with @kitcass01 and we were just catching up,” he wrote.

The dispute then went into flame-broiled mode, as Cassandra Estrada —@kitcass01 — joined the fray.

“Please don’t bring me into this,” she wrote.

Temperatures continued to rise, as Boyd lashed back, writing that “you brought yourself into this.” She also told von Smith that she hoped “the Whopper Jr. was worth it,” informing him that his belongings were now “outside.”

The three principals in the argument have set their Instagram profiles to private, but the Sun posted screen shots of the exchanges, which were less than cordial.

Followers on Burger King’s Instagram site were alternately stunned and amused.

Paul Clevenger, posting as @ashclevenger, asked: “Did I seriously just witness a breakup on BK’s Instagram?”

Yes. That relationship appears to be officially fried.