Clam-flavored candy canes offered this holiday season

We’ve had the traditional candy cane peppermint flavor. Then there’s the fruit-flavored and cotton candy-flavored varieties. But Christmas 2018 has something no one has ever seen, or probably really wants to taste, before -- clam-flavored candy canes.

Even if your go-to soup is clam chowder, and you love to down clams on the half shell by the dozen, this may take the clam-love a little too far.

Archie McPhee, a candy company based in Seattle, has introduced Clamdy Canes, Coastal Living reported.

Archie McPhee’s company tag line is “We make weird.” Ya think?

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The odd candy/seafood mashup joins the likes of other strange candy cane flavors like mac & cheese, pickle, bacon and even rotisserie chicken candy canes. It's a complete dinner reminiscent of Willy Wonka's gum -- an entire meal of candy canes, but lets hope it doesn't end the same way!

So if you have hankering for a clam-flavored cane, how do you get them?

They come in a box of six and can be ordered directly from the company online for $5.95 a box. Buyers are limited to purchasing five boxes, according to the website, "because of their extreme popularity."

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