Colorado mother gets revenge on porch pirates

A Colorado Springs woman is fighting back against porch pirates in a surprising way.

Christine Hyatt was tired of her packages being stolen off of her porch, so she decided to have the thieves help her ... with her garbage.

A few weeks ago, when Hyatt missed a garbage day, she decided to put extra trash in Amazon boxes and leave them on her porch as decoys, according to KKTV.

Thieves have taken the boxes full of garbage at least three times so far.

"This is my way of fighting back," Hyatt told KKTV.

According to KKTV, packages have been stolen off of her front porch more than 20 times, which is dangerous because her daughter's medication for diabetes has been stolen in the past.

The packages that the thieves have taken have been full of trash, cigarette butts and even used kitty litter.

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