Could pilotless planes be the future of aviation?

Autopilot could take on a whole new meaning.

A report recently released by UBS claims that by removing pilots from the cockpit and replacing them with technology would save aviation companies $35 billion a year, WABC reported.

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But will passengers fly with no pilot on board, and the plane being remotely controlled from the ground?

The report said not many would, with only 17 percent saying they would step on a plane with no one on board to fly it.

Experts said that cargo planes would be the first to try the tech, with commercial plains being the last.

The tech could be developed for remote-controlled planes and could be debuted by 2025, CNN reported.

Pilots, CNN pointed out, fly planes on manual controls for a few minutes out of each flight, using on-board computers to land and navigate, but they're constantly monitoring the systems and speaking with air traffic control.

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