Couple’s $30,000 wedding ring recovered from landfill

Finding an item tossed in the trash and taken to the landfill can take hours, if the item is ever recovered at all.

So, it's even more remarkable that a couple's $30,000 wedding ring, which was accidentally tossed in the trash, was not only found, but within four minutes of looking for it at the landfill, KSWB reported.

"The employees who helped them look through the load were just ecstatic that they were able to find it, especially so quickly," City of San Diego spokesman Jose Ysea told KSWB. "They said the couple was just ecstatic."

When the couple realized the ring was thrown away they contacted the city's environmental services department, which determined the truck that had picked up their trash had just dropped off a load of trash at the landfill, KSWB reported.

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