Couple accused of tying up children in garage, using choking device as severe punishment

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Couple Accused Of Using Choking Device As Punishment, Tying Up Children In Garage

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

An Indiana couple is accused of using extreme forms of punishment on their children, including tying them up with a choking device and leaving them in a dark, locked garage.

Shannon Breaux and Ashley Stigers are both facing criminal charges of confinement and neglect of a dependent, WPDS reports.

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The children, a boy and a girl, are both under the age of 14, according to WCPO.

Stiger told police that Breaux, 33, would place their daughter in a “cloth-like” restraint system and would “torture” the boy by putting a rope around his neck and feet.

Both children told police Breaux would lock them up in a garage with all the lights turned off if they tried to escape.

Breaux told police he would lock up the children when they didn’t listen to him, or refused to do their chores, according to WPDS.

The children said Stigers would watch as they were being punished by their father.

Stigers claimed she tried to stop them, but later admitted to police that she failed to protect the children.

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