Couple flashes gun, threatens woman at stoplight

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Alabama Couple Pulls Up Next To Woman, Waves Gun At Her

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Tyra Jones doesn’t know what started it.

But when she pulled up to a stoplight as she exited I-65 a man and woman in a black Camry pulled up in the grass alongside her and started waving a gun, calling her names and trying to instigate a fight.

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Instead of pulling out her gun, Jones grabbed her phone and started snapping pictures.

"I thought to bring out my phone and I did let them know I have a weapon too," Jones told WPMI. "If need be I will defend myself."

The couple then sped off. Jones said she is asking the police for help. Threatening and pointing a gun is considered a menacing charge, which is a misdemeanor, police said.

"It is a danger on the road and I know I'm more than likely not the only person they did like this," Jones told WPMI. "If you make an example out of one person, you won't have to worry about that again, so hopefully they (are) found and apprehended."

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