Critter trapped in mother's wall for weeks, ruins Thanksgiving

A mother said her Thanksgiving is ruined because of a rodent living in her wall.

Tiffany Gibson turned to FOX13 after weeks of trying to get the problem fixed with her rental company at the Uptown Square apartments.

“I have been trying to get my landlord, my rent office, to try and help me with a problem I've been having since August,” said Gibson.

It started with noise, like scratching, and Gibson quickly realized a critter had gotten stuck in her walls.

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“I don't know if it's a rat, a cat, a bat, a squirrel, might be a baby tiger,” said Gibson, a mother of two boys.

She knew it was biting through her wall though when two holes emerged in her kitchen.

“If it can bite a hole in the wall, it can surely bite,” she said.

Tiffany said she has been trying to get management at Uptown Square to fix the issue for months, and told FOX13 the plaster and chicken wire was not providing peace of mind.

“I should've got a transfer, Maybe they should've given me another apartment,” she said, throwing out options to remedy her current situation.

Instead, the mother has had to cancel hosting Thanksgiving.

“I refuse to have anybody over with holes in my walls and scratching coming from within my walls,” she said.

FOX13’s camera finally caught the critter on video, but for Tiffany, that has not eased her anxiety.

“I just don't want to stay here for the simple fact that I am terrified,” she said.

Her son is also terrified as well. He has been nervous about going to the bathroom by himself because of the incessant noise.

The management at Uptown Square apartments told FOX13 multiple maintenance men have visited the apartment but not heard the scratching.

Gibson said one worker absolutely witnessed the scratching and they know it exists from repairing the holes.

FOX13’s Zach Crenshaw only spent a few minutes in the apartment and heard the scratching and saw the squirrel through the wire.

The property manager said pest control put some bait in the wall on Monday.

Gibson is upset, though, because she said now the squirrel might die in her wall and smell up the apartment.

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