Customer claims popular Verizon plan is misleading

A South Carolina woman is upset with Verizon because she feels the name of one of its popular plans is misleading.

Donna Jenkins signed up for Verizon's Beyond Unlimited plan. She could use as many gigabytes as she wanted for the same price, but she didn't realize that when she reached 15 gigabytes, the speed of her service would drop.

"Makes me mad. It makes me mad. Don't promise me something or offer me a plan that's supposedly not just unlimited, but beyond unlimited, and then put limits on it," she said. "People are mad. People are tired of being hoodooed and surcharged."

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Jenkins said she didn't understand all the disclaimers and technical terms associated with the plan.

"I'm not tech-savvy," she said.

Verizon officials tell customers about the speed change on the company's website and on the Jetpack mobile hotspot.

WSOC contacted Verizon, whose officials then offered to let Jenkins out of her contract in good faith. She said she may shop around, and if she does, she'll make sure she knows how other unlimited plans work.

Make sure you read these plans carefully. If you don't understand the jargon, ask questions.

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