Did you know social media can save your life during severe weather?

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(File photo via Pixabay.com)

Social media plays a big role in our everyday lives, but it can also save your life.

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Did you know that 95% of Americans own a cellphone? That means you've probably gotten an alert about severe weather.

Social media use has grown in recent years. It’s where a lot of people go for information, but also a big step forward from how we used to get weather alerts.

"Back in the old days there were a relatively limited number of ways to get severe weather information," said Gary Woodall, the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

Woodall recommends three methods for receiving alerts.

"One is hopefully a NOAA weather radio, because with the alarm feature with it will wake you up or alert you. Our partners at the commercial media are a great way to get weather information. Smartphone apps, wireless alert notifications that we receive on our smartphone," Woodall said.

The average person spends about 116 minutes a day on social platforms. One of the social media is Twitter.

Woodall and his staff heavily utilize the site to keep the Mid-South informed when threatened by inclement weather.

Woodall also said, "If we get pictures of damage or pictures of a storm that's moving into an area, we'll retweet it that way we can re-emphasize to people that yes this is a hazard, this is a threat coming through."

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