Ecstasy pills shaped to look like Trump seized in Indiana, officials say

Credit: Indiana State Police

Credit: Indiana State Police

Authorities in northern Indiana seized orange ecstasy pills shaped in the likeness of President Donald Trump last month during a six-day operation on U.S. Route 31, according to officials.

A photo released by Indiana State Police showed the pills, which were stamped with the words “great again.”

Officers from nine law enforcement agencies based in north central Indiana seized a variety of illegal narcotics, including methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and “numerous drugs that have yet to be identified,” during Operation Blue Anvil. The operation, which ran from June 19-21 and again from June 26-28, targeted drug traffickers using U.S. 31 to move illegal substances.

“Summer is a peak travel time with an increased volume of people traveling (throughout) Indiana,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Dan Prus. “The patrols should also serve as a warning that police officers will utilize all of the resources at their disposal to catch and arrest the few who transport illegal drugs.”

It's not the first time officials have seen Trump-shaped ecstasy pills. Police in Germany arrested a father and son visiting from Austria in August 2017 after authorities said they were caught transporting thousands of the bright orange pills. British tabloids reported last year that similar Trump-shaped pills were flooding the UK illegal drugs market.

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