Employee at tattoo shop accused of sexually assaulting customer

Credit: gfx

Credit: gfx

An employee at a tattoo and piercing shop in Cobb County, Georgia, is accused of sexually assaulting a woman who went to the business for a piercing.

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Police recently arrested the employee accused in the assault and the shop’s owner. Investigators believe there could be more victims.

The alleged incident happened at All or Nothing Tattoo in Smyrna.

Brandon Bond is the owner, and the business claims to be one of the “world’s most successful tattoo empires,” with clients that include pro athletes and celebrities. He was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at a group of teens inside the shop.

Nicholas Gamboa is the employee who Smyrna police said sexually assaulted the woman who came in for a piercing on Monday.

The arrests come months after police raided the business and seized more than a dozen guns, drugs and boxes of ammunition.

"Seeing how it's run, whoever runs it, seeing how he acts, I’m not surprised an employee would act that way as well," Connor Salley said.

Salley, who is from South Carolina, and his teenage friends were inside All or Nothing Tattoo in May when he said Bond pointed the gun at them. Salley told WSB-TV that Bond was so drunk, he became angry when asked if he could finish Salley's tattoo some other time.

"At that time, he got a crazy look in his eyes, pulled his gun out, pointed at me, started screaming, 'F this,'" Salley said.

Police said they arrested Bond for a similar incident last December. A federal agent complained about a tattoo, and Bond allegedly drew his gun.

According to a police report, Bond said, "Come on, Homeland Security, pull your weapon."

WSB-TV dug into Bond's record and discovered he's no stranger to police. He was arrested for aggravated assault and terroristic threats for threatening a man with a shotgun.

Police said Bond was not involved in the alleged sexual assault case.

"If you have been the victim of this type of act while getting a piercing at that location, please let us know so we can investigate it," Sgt. Louis Defense, of the Smyrna Police Department, said.

Both Bond and Gamboa are in the Cobb County Jail.

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