Family thought staged abduction would be 'fun'

The entire time, troopers took the report seriously. (

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The entire time, troopers took the report seriously. (

An elaborate family hoax is how the Washington State Patrol is now describing a reported abduction in Olympia, Washington.

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"There were five to six male subjects in white, plastic hazmat-type suits with hoods that had abducted three individuals,” said Sgt. James Prouty.

The Washington State Patrol got a call about the abduction around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Dispatcher: "911. What are you reporting?"

Caller: "Um, there's something going on. I'm by the Capitol Lake. I don't know what's going on. People are screaming."

When troopers arrived at Heritage Park, the suspects were gone.

The Washington State Patrol released pictures of a red Ford pickup truck as troopers searched for the people involved.

The entire time, troopers took the report seriously.

“We can't and won't treat it like a hoax until we can absolutely confirm that,” said Prouty.

In this case, detectives received credible tips and got in touch with the family involved in the park.

The family members admitted it was all a hoax they had planned three weeks earlier.

They called it an "escape room-style kidnapping," and they thought it would be fun.

Prouty said the situation could've had a much worse ending.

"I think that it could've went really bad and especially when you're talking about children being abducted. That's not a joke," he said.

Detectives are sending their findings to the Thurston County prosecutor's office, which will decide whether or not charges will be filed.

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