Father shares video of police arresting son with autism, cuffing him

An angry Indiana father shared a video he took several months ago of an officer arresting and putting his elementary school-aged son in handcuffs.

Ronnie Shepperd told WRTV that his 9-year-old son, who attends Needham Elementary School in Franklin, is autistic and was arrested after standing up to bullies at school. He argued, "Another student was bullying my son several times and he actually told the principal and a lot of staff members here who are in charge of recess about the bullying and they didn't take no steps to make it safe."

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One of the students has a different account of what happened, reporting that Shepperd's son and another boy got into an argument over a butterfly. According to the student, Shepperd's son began to choke the other student as well as teacher who tried to break up the fight. Another teacher intervened. This student's account matches Franklin Police Chief Tim O'Sullivan's recollection of the charges brought against Shepperd's son, which consisted of battery of another student and two teachers, WRTV reported.

The charges against Shepperd's son were already dropped, but Shepperd says he shared the video let the public know what's happening in schools, WLS reported.

The 9-year-old is currently at Earlywood Education Center. His father says there were no further incidents.

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