Baby Deer Fawns Over Officer After Rescued From California Wildfire

Fawn thanks police officer for saving its life by giving him a lick

A glimmer of hope during devastating wildfires in California has taken over the internet.

A California Highway Patrol sergeant saved a fawn from the deadly wildfire, USA Today reported

He took a moment during the rescue to pose for a quick photo with the helpless animal. 

At the moment the picture was snapped, the deer reached up to his neck, licking the officer, seeming to kiss him for saving its life.

The photo was tweeted by the California Highway Patrol San Francisco division on Saturday.

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The deer, according to the tweet, was taken to a local rescue organization.

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The wildfires started last Monday by a vehicle in Whiskeytown, California, KPIX reported. Hundreds of structures including homes and businesses have been destroyed and at least six people have died, The Associated Press reported.