Fearless woman tracks down abused puppy after hearing his howls for weeks

A puppy is starting a new life after a woman traced the sounds of his howls. Police say she saved him from an abusive owner.

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At a press conference, police officers in Tempe, Arizona and the Arizona Humane Society thanked Heather Frazier for her work in tracking down and saving the puppy, now named Raine.

Frazier, who is a student at Arizona State University, said she searched for weeks to find the source of the puppy’s heartbreaking howls.

“I can honestly say now that I don’t think Raine would have lived through that night,” Frazier recalled.

Police arrested the dog's owner, 21-year-old Shundong Hu, who they say was beating the puppy with a metal rod, KTVK reports. Police say they also found two cats at Hu's home who appeared to have suffered abuse.

The puppy was brought to the Arizona Humane Society, where he was treated. The Humane Society surprised Frazier by allowing her to take Raine home. Video shared online shows Frazier tearing up when presented with Raine.

The two cats rescued from Hu’s home were also treated and are currently recovering from their injuries.

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