Giant, straw 'Trump Hut' mocks Donald Trump

Donald Trump has long been taunted for his hair, but one feature in Cleveland this week is the Trump Hut, a straw hut shaped like the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's head.

The "protest wigwam" is part of a protest against Trump. A sign near the hut calls it "a luxury protesting hut in the shape of Donald Trump's hair."

It's not immediately clear what message visitor's are supposed to gather after visiting the structure; some people understand the satire and some people don't.

"The inside of the Trump Hut is a total luxury experience," creator Tommy Noonan said. "There is an extravagant ornamental rug from Ikea, champagne buckets, stools and solar powered lights."

"The joke, of course, is that the Trump Hut is a wigwam that approximates the candidate's hair with raffia from 98 hula skirts -- or, as its minders call it, 'The finest Oaxacan straw,'" The Washington Post reported.

The hut, created by Noonan, his co-worker Douglas Cameron and Mexican-born artist Roxana Casillas, was transported to Cleveland from Brooklyn.

It's mission is to "illustrate the absurdity ... of the businessman’s candidacy," The Post reported.
"It's as clumsy as Trump’s hair," Noonan said of the hut.

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