Girl burned by contents of slow cooker; mom issues warning to parents

A little girl has a painful recovery ahead after she was burned by food that was cooking in a slow cooker.

Vanesa Herrera said she was making dinner while her daughter, Azra, was in her walker. The little girl grabbed the cord of the plugged-in Crock Pot and pulled it down on top of herself, KFOR reported.

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The juice of the meat cooking inside poured over the 1-year-old, giving her second-degree burns.

Azra was taken to an area hospital, but had to be flown to a hospital in Dallas. But she wasn't given a clean bill of health. The burns caused her to become malnourished and she needed additional medical care. Azra was readmitted to her local hospital and after two weeks under doctors' care, she was finally able to go home, KFOR reported.

But Herrera is warning parents so what happened to her family doesn’t happen to others.

She told KFOR to make sure that all parents pay attention to the things families use every day that could become dangerous.

Azra is expected to make a full recovery, KFOR reported.

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