Girl, 6, with incurable lung cancer, sworn in as police officer

A 6-year-old girl had defeated cancer once, but the disease she calls the “bad guys in her lungs” has come back.

"I rung the bell, but now this cancer is coming back," Abigail Arias told KTRK.

She has a Wilms tumor, a rare, childhood cancer. Doctors said there is no cure, KPRC reported.

Her mom said after they got the diagnosis, they cried for a few weeks, but now they are making every moment count.

"They basically said it's time to enjoy some life," Ilene Arias told KTRK.

Her daughter reassured her mother that everything will be OK and that the bad guys would not win, KTRK reported.

Abigail had one dream for her life, to become a police officer. She told the police chief in Freeport, Texas, that’s her goal when she grows up.

Chief Ray Garivey and the Arias' have bonded since first meeting in December, KTRK reported.

"The chemo and radiation hasn't worked and basically the family is now leaving it in God's hands and praying for a miracle," Garivey told CNN.

"They are a lot stronger than I am," Garivey told KTRK, in tears.

He also wanted to make Abigail’s dream come true.

First he had a custom uniform made in her size.

Then, on Thursday, he swore her in as an official member of the police force.

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During the ceremony, she vowed to fight the "bad guys" until the cancer is gone from her body, the police department posted on its Facebook page.

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