Halloween taken to the next level, decorations play out their everyday lives

Credit: Merrimon Crawford/Shutterstock

Credit: Merrimon Crawford/Shutterstock

Just pack up the fake spider webs and Halloween projector and go home. One family has taken Halloween decor to the next level with its skeleton crew.

Florida Twitter user Sami Campagnano has documented her unidentified neighbors’ efforts to show the normal afterlives of a family of skeletons.

Some days are spent gardening, doing the laundry, or even being stopped by the fashion police for their garish choices of clothing.

Another day, the crew got down to bare bones for some break dancing.

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Then there’s a quick haircut, a day in the sun to bring some color to their bones and teaching the little ghoul to ride his (or her) bike.

But Campagnano’s neighbor isn’t the only one who gets a little creative over the haunted holiday.

Others have shared their neighbors’ displays of creepy creativity.

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